Friday, 11 December 2009

A promise of things to come...

During the fun, pressure and work of my exhibition, I was lucky to have a visit here in Bath from my mother, who came baring gifts from her mother; my grandma. Inside this little package beheld thirty generous pounds! Perhaps even nicer than this, was the note that accompanied it, above. Without my Grandma, Charity Shop Peacock would probably not have started (And I don't just been in terms of financial help!) Her sense of style, fun and thriftiness is what motivates me today, So now I shall endeavor to keep bringing fun charity shop finds into 2010! x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

flap flap stress stress!

I have been very busy at the moment. Curating my own exhibition, dissertation and general workload has distracted me from the essential business of revealing vintage charity shop finds for your lovely eyes! I have found some amazing winter coats, which I will photograph and show very soon! In the mean time here's a cunning idea for an outfit for the fun fun fun upcoming party season!
This is an AMAZING Pierre Balmain (my numero uno high fashion crush) silk scarf for just 50p!!!!! It is so beautiful, I bought it from 'The multiple Sciloris' Chariy shop in East Barnet, 18 church hill road. Its a great shop, and obviously this is worth more than this amazing price! Here I have styled it by wrapping it round the body to show off the beautiful pattern, and added a vintage waistbelt to make it something new. Perfect party wear!

I shall endeavour to post my winter warmers very soon. Remember to come to 'While the boys are away...' my all female exhibition, next week!