Thursday, 5 August 2010


Pray silence for my new love. leather. sequins. and shoulder PADS. unworn from Norwood hospice charity shop for £30. I love.

My new shirt gives me an opportunity to show off my other new purchases. A fabulous mixed patent leather bag acquired from Southgate Oxfam for £4. And a waist cinching belt with brilliant gold trimmings for just £2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Southgate is a brilliant place for gold plated finds!

A Caustic Package...

Danny is my favourite. He shops in Manchester, finds floaty shirts for £4, decides he doesn't like them then sends me post. What's not to love.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Dear God, I haven't blogged since May!! I want to make an excuse, but nothing seems to warrant this massive lapse. Well since May I have moved from Bath to become a Londoner once more. I have had my degree show, and I felt that I should share my peacock look from this important day...

Excuse the gormless expression, and look at the gorgeous fringing! Fringe is so big, with graduate fashion week teaming with the stuff. Mine was actually from topshop. SWEET. My dear friend Ruiadhri Ryan's mother described me as looking 'Utterly edible', which is ironic, due to my fabulous turd brooch (below) made by the darling Daniel Welsh. I'm back in London, and ready to bring you the best peacock bargains for the sunshine. lovely job.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Her name is Lola...

I have been ridiculously lax in blogging here. This is because I have 20 days left of university, and the pen and paper medium is my master. See what I've been up to here

One girl who has certainly been busy is my dear friend and fellow vintage lovvvvvvver Lola. She will be selling vintage treats around the UK soon, so check her blog and follow her on facecrack here, If you liked the little black dress I acquired in Paris, check where she'll be soon, because she has it for sale!!

happy shopping for now x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Peacock in Paris

I have been awfully slack at blogging here, partially because I have been wholled up making my own garments and creations for Beige Banquet, I've also been working on illustration, and I suppose just plain negligent. As my university course comes to an end I'm sure this will only get worse. But for now I have some seriously fun things to show you, from my Easter weekend in Gay Pari!
I went on an easter Saturday vintage mission, with my usual budget, some scribbled down names of some vintage shops and flea markets and a bit of determination I think I found some Parisian gems.We started off looking around the area of Hotel De Ville and St Paul, looking for 'Free'P'Star', a vintage shop I had read about. The area was really great, and we stumbled across a little shop nearby I couldn't find a name of that was packed full of locals where I managed to find these finds for great prices...This cocktail dress was 10 euros, the crepe fabric and sheer puffy sleeves have that chic Parisian feel.I also found this SWEET 80s/90s playsuit. The pattern has moons, planets, stars and fun oozing from it. Think andy pandy in space. all for 15 euros.I can tell this floral dress will soon be a staple for me, it was 10 euros, and the vibrant florals are so good.Finally from this shop I found this amazing shrit-dress for 5 euros! Brilliant colours, statement collar and cinching in belt. Good for the shy retiring type.

After this shop, we continued our wander and finally found 'Free'P'Star' which was brilliant. I picked up this classic levis jacket, something I'd been meaning to buy, and with the 20 euro price tag and excellent condition, I was really happy with it.

On Saturday afternoon we went to a really nice vintage and antiques market in Porte de Clignacourt. After the rather hagard outskirts, you reach a vintage haven, undrecover of a glass structure, with stores selling books, antiques and of course vintage clothing. After salavating over the beautiful silk dresses and ball gowns, I found this leather bag with fun gold trimmings.

My Parisian journey was brilliant. I can't wait to go again. I will soon be back in Bath with my nose to the grindstone, but at least I have some vintage treats to do it in style.Italic

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pink Icing

To coincide with a new deliiiiiiiiicccccciiiiioooouus project from Fifi and Lola, aka Lucy Aebischer and Holly Hilden, I bring to you two pretty pink shirts to bring the sweetness without the calories!
First was a birthday present from the twosome- a fabulous pink spotty number. (below) It is 80's and handmade. It would have been made to be worn tied up at the front, but I really like the shape if you leave it undone. Fanks girls!

And above is another find from PDSA charity shop in Barnet. Very 80s Coffee morning. Me-likey. There's a really nice fabric button at the top and a cross hatched pattern.

Keep an eye on Lucy's blog, as these girls have sweet-cake filled plans that are taking off!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Sorry I've been BEIGE

Well haven't I been neglectful. My life has been taken over by my exciting new project with my brilliant pal Shane Wilson, BEIGE BANQUET. Check it out! its the name for our joint endeavors, which currently takes the form of a video. We land somewhere in between fashion, illustration, prop design and film, and will be updating our blog regularly with everything beige, so you peacocks shall not be out of the loop.

In the mean time I have some remaining wintery treats to show you...

Before Christmas I went to a jumble sale held by the fashion department at my university, and pcked up this jumper and necklace for three pounds the both of them! The funds went towards their final degree show, so I was more than happy to part with my money. The jumper is hand knitted, and I have lived in it in the cold! The necklace is so plastic fantastic. My look for February and beyond is "90's mum" and this hits the nail on the naff naff head!

Next I have two finds from an unexpected source. While I was still in Barnet, North London over the Christmas break I found these two gems in a PDSA charity shop on Barnet High Street. It is usually pretty busy in there and I was under the impression it only sold books, but upon entrance I found a brilliant selection of 80s and 90s garments. Above is a sequined 80s jumper, with shoulder pads (essential!) and below is a silk shirt originally from Laura Ashley I'd say early 90s late 80s. To donate to the PDSA click here.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Winter warmers

Well hopefully we have seen the last of the snow, England doesn't seem to deal with the white stuff very well, and I myself have very little appropriate footwear to cope. It does however give you an excuse to wrap up, and here are my two favourite vintage winter coats...

First up, is one of my truly most original finds ever. This green coat is made from wool, with a faux fur trim (I wouldn't have it any other way!) And amazing applique of little characters on the back. It has a label inside that says 'Ungava Bay', which after further investigation I have discovered is a bay north of Quebec in Canada. I can only guess the coat was originally some sort of souvenir item probably from the 80s or early 90s, but its certainly rare, and amazingly warm! The label (not shown) has a pretty fun picture of a killer whale on it. I found it stuffed in a bargain bin of a vintage shop in East London, and spent £3o on it! who'd have thought!

Next, is a real staple in my wardrobe; my faux fur black coat. It was quite hard to capture it in a photograph, but you can get some idea from the picture above. I bought it for £20 from Norwood charity shop in Southgate, North London -70 Chase Side N14 5PH. They raise money for families and children, and always have really glitzy things in there, so definitely worth a visit!

Friday, 15 January 2010


Roll up Roll up vintage lovers... My friend and current housemate Genevieve Rogers has finally launched her very own bloggy woggy. have a looksee. Shes a talented new fashion designer, and the blog features her own work, and ideas and thoughts...
Heres the scoundrel doing what she does best. posing! Genevieve Rogers watch this space xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I had a fabulous time on New Years Eve this year- the perfect Peacock occasion!

I was lucky enough to spend it with some gorgeous people, and wore a gorgeous jacket... I'm so sad it's not mine. The splendid purple ensemble belongs to the ever-talented Daniel Welsh, whose city (Manchester) we visited for the occasion. The jacket is 80s and found in a pound shop in Manchester, I particularly liked the ruffled shoulders...

That is darling Daniel, and also Catherine Scrivener, a photography
student in Blackpool. 2010 means big things for Daniel, with a new fashion, art and film magazine coming out, featuring work from Catherine, myself and the ever amazing Shane Wilson seen here, bringing in the new year in splendid style with my good self, sporting Danny's purple perfection. I am working with Shane on a video this year that is proving to be very exciting.

HAPPY NEW YEAR little monsters x

Peacock Christmas...

I have been a very lucky girl this Christmas season! Plus it was my birthday on Boxing day, so my loved ones gave me some beautiful peacock presents, that deserve to be shown off at every opportunity...

My Brother lives in Leeds and got me two wonderful vintage pieces from the vintage shops in this vibrant, exciting city...

This beautiful silk scarf decorated with Pablo Picasso print. So good.

And these Beautiful leather gloves. Top sibling points for him!

Darling Dearest Gabrielle (of 'while the boys are away...') and Jasper got me this amazing Moschino coin purse for my birthday. Its not vintage, but its so lovely, I couldn't miss it out!
My friend Hannah got these brilliant vintage gold earings from a shop in our hometown of Barnet for my birthday. I love them I've barely taken them off!

To continue the earring theme, Holly Hilden and Lucy Aebischer's amazing gift selection included these gorgeous blue earrings...

These girls were so generous to me, as always I cannot speak highly enough of them. Check their stuff out! Their gifts also included one of Lucy's 'nutzilla' toys I'd had me eye on him so I was chuffed! He's made from felt and vintage 80s fabric by Lucy herself.

Perhaps my favourite gift from the troublesome twosome were these 80s shoe clips. They really remind me of the aesthetic from Christina Aguilera's video 'Ain't no other man'. The mixture of eras, and siren glamour is such a fun look for 2010.

Red suede shoes from 'Instant Vintage' on Bricklane, London. Holly sells similar things at fairs and shows around London. Check out Lola's vintage wardrobe to find her at her next event!

Thank you all for all the fabulous presents.
Charity shoppers be alert! January is a prime time for the charity shops- one girl's unwanted present is another girl's sparkletastic 2010...