Monday, 18 January 2010

Winter warmers

Well hopefully we have seen the last of the snow, England doesn't seem to deal with the white stuff very well, and I myself have very little appropriate footwear to cope. It does however give you an excuse to wrap up, and here are my two favourite vintage winter coats...

First up, is one of my truly most original finds ever. This green coat is made from wool, with a faux fur trim (I wouldn't have it any other way!) And amazing applique of little characters on the back. It has a label inside that says 'Ungava Bay', which after further investigation I have discovered is a bay north of Quebec in Canada. I can only guess the coat was originally some sort of souvenir item probably from the 80s or early 90s, but its certainly rare, and amazingly warm! The label (not shown) has a pretty fun picture of a killer whale on it. I found it stuffed in a bargain bin of a vintage shop in East London, and spent £3o on it! who'd have thought!

Next, is a real staple in my wardrobe; my faux fur black coat. It was quite hard to capture it in a photograph, but you can get some idea from the picture above. I bought it for £20 from Norwood charity shop in Southgate, North London -70 Chase Side N14 5PH. They raise money for families and children, and always have really glitzy things in there, so definitely worth a visit!

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