Friday, 11 December 2009

A promise of things to come...

During the fun, pressure and work of my exhibition, I was lucky to have a visit here in Bath from my mother, who came baring gifts from her mother; my grandma. Inside this little package beheld thirty generous pounds! Perhaps even nicer than this, was the note that accompanied it, above. Without my Grandma, Charity Shop Peacock would probably not have started (And I don't just been in terms of financial help!) Her sense of style, fun and thriftiness is what motivates me today, So now I shall endeavor to keep bringing fun charity shop finds into 2010! x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

flap flap stress stress!

I have been very busy at the moment. Curating my own exhibition, dissertation and general workload has distracted me from the essential business of revealing vintage charity shop finds for your lovely eyes! I have found some amazing winter coats, which I will photograph and show very soon! In the mean time here's a cunning idea for an outfit for the fun fun fun upcoming party season!
This is an AMAZING Pierre Balmain (my numero uno high fashion crush) silk scarf for just 50p!!!!! It is so beautiful, I bought it from 'The multiple Sciloris' Chariy shop in East Barnet, 18 church hill road. Its a great shop, and obviously this is worth more than this amazing price! Here I have styled it by wrapping it round the body to show off the beautiful pattern, and added a vintage waistbelt to make it something new. Perfect party wear!

I shall endeavour to post my winter warmers very soon. Remember to come to 'While the boys are away...' my all female exhibition, next week!

Friday, 27 November 2009

'While the boys are away...'

Come down to the first exhibition I have organised all by myself, 'While the boys are away...' It features myself and nine other fabulous artists (check here for more details) It promises to be brilliant! There will be a stall where you can grab a range of beautiful things, including jewellery, zines, cakes and prints! and word on the street is that Holly Hilden's garment on display is to die for! from the 7th-11th December, Bath Artist studios! PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY!

Monday, 16 November 2009

romance and silk...

I went to see 'Bright Star', written and directed by Jane Campion. The film tells of the romance between John Keats and Fanny Brawne, in a way that is both raw and beautiful- I loved it. But then I love a period drama.
There are quite a few references of Brawne's love of experimenting with clothing made by the other characters, so this has spurred me on the show this silk blouse, in honour of her. I know it is not actually in the style of the time of Keats and Brawne, but the draping fabric and romantic feel, really reminds me of the overall aesthetic of the film...

I bought it in Shaw Trust charity shop on Moorland Rd in Oldfield Park, Bath. It has been handmade, so I have no idea of the time period, but the silk front is a whole different section, and the buttons you can see on the arm cuffs go all the way down the back. Its amazing. It cost me £2... Oldfield park is a great place for charity shopping.

Theres a really beautiful website about Bright star. Have a look
And To donate to Shaw Trust click here

Thursday, 12 November 2009

migraine inducing patterns...

I have recently taken the opinion that the more over-dressed/ over-patterned/ over- colourful, THE BETTER. My good friend Dom puts on a night called HONKY TONK, every Tuesday at the Porter cellar bar in Bath. An illustration of mine featured in a little exhibition about music superstars a few weeks ago. I wore this lurid jacket on the evening it opened, just to hurt the eyes of everyone there. I opted for a black dress underneath. Its from a charity shop in Bethnal Green, I am not sure of the name of...(sorry!) and cost me £2. I love the huge gold buttons, and mental patterns; there are dragons, and strange plants, and dancing people! WOW!

Check out Dom's work, here he's good dontcha know. The Jacket was a bit of a bitch to photograph, but I hope these two pics give an idea of it's subtle beauty...

That's just what we need, a cock, in a frock, on a rock...

I have rediscovered my LOVE for 'The adventures of Pricilla Queen of the desert.' I have severe wardrobe envy of Guy Pearce's character in this film. My aim over the Christmas holidays is to make a silver lame all in one like his in the film. Finding one in a charity shop may be a long shot! I'm also planning on illustrating a zine about drag queens. Fabulous, spangly plans....x

Friday, 23 October 2009


Well its official. I have a new style crush. After months of resisting her latex clad charm, Lady Gaga has infiltrated my style consiousness. I. LOVE. HER. the music's not always totally up my street (although I do enjoy paparazzi of an afternoon) but this girl sure has style. The quirky bordering on grotesque is right up my street, Its stripper-meets-rockstar-meets-insanity! So I've hit the charity shops and found some fun stuff to emulate la gaga this winter. Starting with above is one of my favourite things to bring something more to a simple top- FRINGE! I loved gaga's fringed shoulders (above) and this top captures some of the fun. It is 80s aerobic wear, and I found it in Bath Women's Aid, 14 Chatham Row. Its one of my favourite charity shops in Bath, doing excellent things for the local community, and this beauty cost me the grand sum of £1.

Next up is this amazing denim waistcoat. I've been into this look for a while, and gaga really brings it to life. Mixing the masculine with the feminine so overtly is what gaga does best, and to me is the ultimate in provocative dressing. This combination of the masculine waistcoat, and satin lingerie and fishnets underneath totally works, looking sexy in a new way. I found my 80s waistcoat in 'Help the aged' in Barnard Castle in County Durham. A brilliant unspoiled charity shop, that I've consistently found good things in. To donate to 'help the aged' click here.

She is not everybody's cup of tea, but for now what she wears can do no wrong with me. I'm ditching my trousers for fishnets. I'll dance to keep warm!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

corduroy carbooty...

I wore this corduroy number to a rather stressful art gallery trip today, in which I got well and truly soaked by the October rain. Whilst its not exactly rain proof this handmade 60s mini dress is a fabulous winter find to wear with opaques or leggings. It is hand made, and I got it at a Car boot sale in Bristol. The dress has a little floral pattern, black background and is made from snuggly corduroy. Cool handmade garments are like striking gold for me, and this one is a particularly goodun'. I love the high neckline and bell-bottom sleeves.

Car boots are something I rarely do, due to my inability to cope with early mornings, but are honestly a brilliant way to spend a morning. click here to find your nearest car booty.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

sparkly bath...

So I'm back in Bath, ready for my third and final year in this beautiful city. I have been wearing my favourite cardigan, a 'Freemans' sparkly number.Its a knit, decorated on the shoulders with wonderfully trashy sequins and gems. Very Dynasty.
I think is early 90's-late 80's. Its comfortable and slouchy with a touch of sparkle for the early Autumn.

I bought it in Oxfam in Southgate; North London, an excellent place for charity shop finds...(more gems from this area to come) And cost a sweet £4- a worthwhile little donation to a brilliant cause.

donate to Oxfam here

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Shake them Shoulders...

Eighties power shoulders are back, and I couldn't be happier to oblige! Its all about boldness, and this jacket I found earlier this month in the North East of England, namely Bishop Aukland, really hits the trend. Its pretty much unworn, and I'd say it was late 80s-early 90s. PERFECTION!

The shop I found it in is called 'Butterwick Hospice', on Newgate Street. Its a small local cause with lots of good stuff! If you find yourself in the area, I would highly recommend this street for excellent charity shopping.

feast your peepers vintage lovers...

I spotted a really interesting article for those of you who, like me love a vintage find, in the 19-25th September issue of Radio times. Not a publication I am usually an avid follower of, but its all about vintage fashions brought to the antiques roadshow...ooooh...

There's also a cool feature on style queen and fellow blogger Garance Dore, in this weekend's Guardian Weekend magazine. 19.09.09 issue.

They're fun! take a peak!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

festival treat!!

I found this AMAZING jacket in a charity shop in Bethnal Green, I am struggling to acertain what the name or a more helpful location of it though...sorry!

It's vintage 'Dorothy Perkins'. It reads '63% metallic' on the label. which i thinks pretty rad!

anywhoo, I reckon its late 70's, and is so in line with Balamain's AW/09 dresses that I thought the £4 asking price was worth it!

The ribbon detail on the back is lovely...(above) & Balmain's beautiful off the shoulder delight... really harks back to my charity shop find!

The dress I have pictured the jacket with is from Primark, a few seasons ago. I love the brashness of the colour contrast. When I wore the combo at 'Bestival' at the Isle of Wight this weekend, I could not help but get up to neon mischief! good stuff.
This shirt and belt combo is one of the first really good things I found in a charity shop in Bath. It's really thin cotton, and I love the big bold print. It works really well over the top of a form fitting dress or on it's own as it's pictured here.
The make is 'gaston jaunet' and I would guess it dates around mid 80's.

skirt from H&M AW/o9

floral fabulous... at £2, shirt and belt.

This shirt is from the same charity shop as the above in Bath (details below).
It is 'St Micheal'- the old name for marks and Spencer clothing. I jump on anything of this label in charity shops. The clothes are usually very well made; therefore will have lasted well, and often have really fun and lurid prints, none more so than this insane satin shirt! The pattern includes tartan, filigree print and grecian patterns. Its also got fabulous little gold buttons.

wonderful for £1!

Both bought from 'Bath Women's Aid' -14A Chatham Row, Walcot, Bath. One of the most untouched charity shops in Bath, with proceeds to such an important cause.

Charity Shop Peacock...

My name's Alice. Welcome to charity shop peacock; a place where I'm going to share with you some of my favourite finds from charity shops across England. I am an illustrator (have a butchers!) but sourcing unique fashion is something I've always loved.

I look for colour, fantasy, texture, originality, adventure. Karen O (below) influences me both musically and aesthically. Christian Joy; who designs all of her costumes is a genius.
Charity shopping is my favourite kind of shopping, you really have to be a magpie, and sift through to find the gems! plus, you're giving something back to really worthwhile causes. sweet!

I'm looking for loud, bright and fun, and lots more on the way! yay!

alice x