Thursday, 17 September 2009

This shirt and belt combo is one of the first really good things I found in a charity shop in Bath. It's really thin cotton, and I love the big bold print. It works really well over the top of a form fitting dress or on it's own as it's pictured here.
The make is 'gaston jaunet' and I would guess it dates around mid 80's.

skirt from H&M AW/o9

floral fabulous... at £2, shirt and belt.

This shirt is from the same charity shop as the above in Bath (details below).
It is 'St Micheal'- the old name for marks and Spencer clothing. I jump on anything of this label in charity shops. The clothes are usually very well made; therefore will have lasted well, and often have really fun and lurid prints, none more so than this insane satin shirt! The pattern includes tartan, filigree print and grecian patterns. Its also got fabulous little gold buttons.

wonderful for £1!

Both bought from 'Bath Women's Aid' -14A Chatham Row, Walcot, Bath. One of the most untouched charity shops in Bath, with proceeds to such an important cause.

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