Thursday, 17 September 2009

festival treat!!

I found this AMAZING jacket in a charity shop in Bethnal Green, I am struggling to acertain what the name or a more helpful location of it though...sorry!

It's vintage 'Dorothy Perkins'. It reads '63% metallic' on the label. which i thinks pretty rad!

anywhoo, I reckon its late 70's, and is so in line with Balamain's AW/09 dresses that I thought the £4 asking price was worth it!

The ribbon detail on the back is lovely...(above) & Balmain's beautiful off the shoulder delight... really harks back to my charity shop find!

The dress I have pictured the jacket with is from Primark, a few seasons ago. I love the brashness of the colour contrast. When I wore the combo at 'Bestival' at the Isle of Wight this weekend, I could not help but get up to neon mischief! good stuff.

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