Wednesday, 7 October 2009

corduroy carbooty...

I wore this corduroy number to a rather stressful art gallery trip today, in which I got well and truly soaked by the October rain. Whilst its not exactly rain proof this handmade 60s mini dress is a fabulous winter find to wear with opaques or leggings. It is hand made, and I got it at a Car boot sale in Bristol. The dress has a little floral pattern, black background and is made from snuggly corduroy. Cool handmade garments are like striking gold for me, and this one is a particularly goodun'. I love the high neckline and bell-bottom sleeves.

Car boots are something I rarely do, due to my inability to cope with early mornings, but are honestly a brilliant way to spend a morning. click here to find your nearest car booty.

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