Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Peacock in Paris

I have been awfully slack at blogging here, partially because I have been wholled up making my own garments and creations for Beige Banquet, I've also been working on illustration, and I suppose just plain negligent. As my university course comes to an end I'm sure this will only get worse. But for now I have some seriously fun things to show you, from my Easter weekend in Gay Pari!
I went on an easter Saturday vintage mission, with my usual budget, some scribbled down names of some vintage shops and flea markets and a bit of determination I think I found some Parisian gems.We started off looking around the area of Hotel De Ville and St Paul, looking for 'Free'P'Star', a vintage shop I had read about. The area was really great, and we stumbled across a little shop nearby I couldn't find a name of that was packed full of locals where I managed to find these finds for great prices...This cocktail dress was 10 euros, the crepe fabric and sheer puffy sleeves have that chic Parisian feel.I also found this SWEET 80s/90s playsuit. The pattern has moons, planets, stars and fun oozing from it. Think andy pandy in space. all for 15 euros.I can tell this floral dress will soon be a staple for me, it was 10 euros, and the vibrant florals are so good.Finally from this shop I found this amazing shrit-dress for 5 euros! Brilliant colours, statement collar and cinching in belt. Good for the shy retiring type.

After this shop, we continued our wander and finally found 'Free'P'Star' which was brilliant. I picked up this classic levis jacket, something I'd been meaning to buy, and with the 20 euro price tag and excellent condition, I was really happy with it.

On Saturday afternoon we went to a really nice vintage and antiques market in Porte de Clignacourt. After the rather hagard outskirts, you reach a vintage haven, undrecover of a glass structure, with stores selling books, antiques and of course vintage clothing. After salavating over the beautiful silk dresses and ball gowns, I found this leather bag with fun gold trimmings.

My Parisian journey was brilliant. I can't wait to go again. I will soon be back in Bath with my nose to the grindstone, but at least I have some vintage treats to do it in style.Italic

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  1. I am tres jealous of that jumpsuit Alice! x